our story 

In 1997, Kenneth Hutchinson began to sit behind me in our World History class. I had known Kenneth was smart and articulate, but I had yet to find out how hilarious he was. Oh, but after he began to sit behind me in class! There were jokes for days.


He was sitting behind me whispering the jokes so only I could hear them. Jokes about the teacher, jokes about our classmates, jokes, jokes, and more jokes. I had to work hard to pretend like I was not distracted as he had me laughing so hard I would nearly be falling out of my desk chair onto the floor. And so, a friendship was born.


Occasional phone conversations around school projects eventually turned into late night conversations about how we both wanted to change the world in a BIG way. We were both passionate about social justice and wanted to work to address issues of inequality. I did not know that these conversations would be the beginning of a 20 year friendship and a 13 year marriage.

Kenneth and I went on to attend college together at Northwestern University. We married on campus three weeks before graduation, on June 5, 2004. We pursued our dreams, worked in ministry together, and added to our family four beautiful children by 2011.

our family